Why film in Cape Town?

What defines Cape Town as a premier film and media destination is the best “can do” attitude in the business. Beyond world-class skills and infrastructure, it’s our ability to innovate and creatively solve problems that sets the City apart. It’s an approach that adds value, saves time and money and will make any production memorable.  Cape Town is probably most well-known for its incomparable locations and 90% of the world can be doubled within a two-hour drive from the city centre. Additionally, Cape Town offers:

You will need a permit if your shoot:

How long will it take to obtain a permit?

The duration of permitting depends on the complexity and nature of individual film shoots.

TIER 1: 48 Hours

TIER 2: 48+ Hours

TIER 3: 4+Working Days

Is there still an issue with water?

After a good season of winter rain Cape Town’s dams are currently sitting at over 70% full and water restrictions have been relaxed. While water remains a precious resource, the City has managed to reduce its daily water usage from 1.2 billion litres a day to just over 500 million – and can rightfully claim to be the most water-savvy city in the world.

The Film Cape Town initiative will make sure that all productions are carried out with water-saving and sustainability top of mind and that water scarcity isn’t a barrier to production.

Is Cape Town safe?

Crime is a reality in many large cities around the world and Cape Town is no exception.  That said, the City of Cape Town in conjunction with other enforcement agencies like the South African Police Service and the various City Improvement Districts work closely with related agencies to ensure the safety of visitors and residents.  Some of the measures include proactive, visible policing supported by a closed-circuit television network and a constant drive to increase policing numbers and associated resources. Visitors are however advised to be mindful of their actions and behaviour, to reduce the risk of falling victim to opportunistic criminals.

Cape Town Tourism has an exhaustive list of safety tips for visitors, available here.

Is there an incentive for film?

Yes! There are four main incentives. Please see the DTI website for more information.

Kindly note that these are published on 3 yearly basis and can sometimes have updates so do check with your local production team.

Do I need a visa to work on a production in the Cape Town?

Yes, and depending on your position, and your nationality, it can be a very simple permit or a slightly longer process. Please see http://FIVA.TV for explanations.

What is the procedure for working with children?

The department of labour has strict guidelines for working with infants, children and youth. Employers must follow their recommendations. Local industry can help you through this process or you can visit the governmental website here.

Note your local producer and casting agents will help guide you on the paperwork.