Foreign professional teams are required to have the correct visas in place before they travel to South Africa. The process for teams not using a South African fixer company is cumbersome and it’s best to always use a South African production company to service your production. Your local service provider will have access to FIVA – Film Industry Visa Assistance, and as a result significant waivers in the immigration regulations will apply to you.

These waivers include an Oversight category which will allow a large portion of your production to travel to SA without requiring work authorization. You will also have access to waivers which limit the amount of paperwork which needs to be submitted for Specialist travellers as well as a dedicated office to resolve any bottlenecks which might occur.

Please note that without a FIVA letter obtained through your SA service company, you would require s11.2 Visitors Visas with work authorization for your entire team if travelling to SA. All personnel would need to appear in person at the South African Consulate in your home country, please consult the individual South African Consulate website for your home country for more detail.